Our Process

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Introduction Conversation

In this meeting we will discuss your experiences making financial decision as well as our Fundamentals First philosophy. Our commitment is to enable you to make an informed decision about how we proceed, regardless of whether you choose to engage our firm or not.

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Gathering of Essential Information

If we mutually agree to continue the process after the Introduction Conversation, you will be asked to gather pieces of information. Depending on how organized you are, this can be the most tedious part of the process. Regardless of how daunting this task can be, it should be the only time you will need to do this since organization is something we also help you with throughout our process.

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Data Review

We review the data you provide and begin our planning process. We will first compare this information with our Fundamentals First philosophy and then work with you to clearly identify the ideal path for financial success. We will discuss how you’ve made decisions previously and what you will look for in my advice to you. Finally, we will ensure all necessary information has been collected in order to proceed to the Planning Phase.

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Planning Phase

Using the information you’ve shared with us throughout the process we will work closely with our financial planning team to assemble all of your data and objectives in to one clear and complete financial plan. This financial plan will serve as a basis for the strategies and tactics we test and illustrate to help ensure we have the right recommendations during the Implementation phase. We will stress test the recommendations to help ensure that we’ve prepared you for unpredictable circumstances and will address each area of opportunity.

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The Implementation

Depending on your expectations, we will present to you the best or a few options for how to proceed. Again, we will focus on Fundamentals First to ensure your long term goals are not creating short term gaps. Once we settle on your best strategies, we put in place the systems and structures necessary to help bring your vision closer to reality.

The Relationship

The Relationship

No financial plan can be truly effective if it’s not maintained. We will work with you to ensure we have a proper communication process and that we maintain and update as you move closer to your financial objectives. It is critical to have an open relationship where we can share successes and setbacks together, as even the best laid plans can hit a few bumps in the road. We look forward to earning the opportunity to share this conversation with your friends and family to expand your circle of empowerment.

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